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This web site was created by David Donahue and Brenda Fiddler as a public repository for genealogical and historical research of  Henderson, Decatur and adjacent counties.  This material is being preserved and updated in David's memory. There is a lot of material here so please use our search engine to find your area of interest.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed material to this effort.  Your continued efforts are very much appreciated.  Please contact me with any material that you would like to add to this web site.  You can navigate to the latest material by clicking on "what's new" on the menu bar above.

Please report any corrections or other issues to Jerry L. Butler.

The History of Scotts Hill, TN by Gordon H. Turner, Sr. has been reprinted and can be ordered on line at

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This site was created by David Donahue and Brenda Kirk Fiddler.
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