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Yesterday's Tennessee

DHS Class of 1956 with Sponsor

from the collection of Roxie Milam Wallace

Class of 1956 on DHS steps

The Class of 1956 assemble as new seniors on the steps of the DCHS building,
with class sponsor Mrs. Flynn Pickens.

first step, Mrs. Flynn Pickens

second step: William Haywood "Bill" Martin, Dora Katherine Brasher, Shirley Brawley,
Patty Arrington, Betty Brasher, Roxie Milam, Buford Crawley

third step: Ted Helms, Dorothy Yarbro, Margie Moore,
Marie Davis Ruth Sims, Argie Moore, Ralph Ray

fourth step: Irma Martin, Mable Turner, Shelby Smart, Jerry Brasher, Grady Murphy

top step: Walter James, Jr., Jerry Lafferty, Jerry Kindle, James Britt, Tony Martin,
Joe Bartholomew, Larry Smith, Billy Pratt

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