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Veteto's Vocal Music School
Bath Springs, TN 1913

from the collection of Russ Tucker

Veteto Vocal School

seated left to right: unknown, unknown, unknown, W. Kendrick Brooks, unknown
standing left to right: Prof. A. J. Veteto, Azalee Tucker, Beatrice Tucker, unknown,
unknown, unknown, unknown, George Washington Tucker?

Beatrice Tucker Taylor in her article, Our Family, gives this description of Veteto's Vocal Music School.

Around 1911 professor A. J. Veteto began teaching vocal music schools in Decatur county. He taught one in 1911 at Keeton's Springs Church. In 1913 he taught a school at Bath Springs Church (Freeze out). This school was taught 21 days for $50.00. The pupils who attended were Elsie Britt, Carl Scott, Tom Strawn, Emmett Blanton, Fount Wright, Kendrick Brooks, Erskin Brooks, Curry Miller, George Tucker, Azalee Tucker, Lessie Wright and Beatrice Tucker. Professor Veteto taught schools at Red Walnut, Mt. Nebo, Liberty, Scotts Hill, Davis School House and other places. Some of the boys who attended these schools became vocal music teachers.

Please contact me if you can match any of the names with the picture.

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