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This web site was created by David Donahue and Brenda Fiddler as a public repository for genealogical and historical research of  Henderson, Decatur and adjacent counties. The material is the result of David and Brenda's research but many others have contributed to this effort.

With David's recent death, I have assumed responsibility to maintain the material on this site.  Please forward any material to me that you would like added to this site.  Please also let me know of any issues that you may find with this site.  By policy, I will not be able to update or correct any errors in David Donahue's original research material.  I will be happy to publish any family or genealogy research that you would like to contribute to this site.

Jerry L. Butler

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This site was created by David Donahue and Brenda Kirk Fiddler.
This site is currently maintained by Jerry L. Butler
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