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Yesterday's Tennessee

The History of My Home

by Rachel Szuliman

John Thomas house

John Thomas House

When I purchased my old house, I did not realize that I would get connected to my past.

First built by John Thomas, then owned later by R. T. King, and wife Tennie Tucker King. It was built before 1890, and has upper floors nailed with square nails, to this day. The square nails are also found in the seals and timbers around the foundation.

Later we purchased the George Thomas house, directly behind our home, and began the work of cleaning and transforming it back to its original glory.

Finding clues to the life of its former owner, I found out that the Father of George Thomas was Robert M. Thomas, and that his house is still standing on School Street.

Chancery Court

Jorden Dowdy Estate

It is very unusual to have all this history and homes interwoven with my past. R. M. Thomas settled the estate of Jorden Dowdy, after he was killed by a slave at age 35. I have his name on the document. Jorden being my Great-Great-Grandfather and son of Thomas Dowdy, first settler in Perry County, after it was purchased from the Indians in 1810. The R. M. Thomas house is the oldest homes in Linden, still on its original lot. When I was growing up, it was owned by Mr. and Mrs. Bynam Cotham (Mrs. Ethel Kimble Cotham). It served at one time as Funeral Home, according to Mrs. Billy Tiller, who grew up next door.

George Thomas House

George Thomas House on Willow Street

The George Thomas house was built around 1893, and was ready to move his new bride in, Florence Brashier, according to his daughters. Florence came from the Craig-Brashier household, and his first wife was Craig. The old home they worked at was torn down a few years back, but sat between the Christian Church and First Baptist Church here in Linden, Tennessee.

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